We're looking for talented researchers.

Our work spans disciplines. We seek individuals with backgrounds in physics, neuroscience, molecular biology, engineering or programming who are interested in applying their skills towards investigating how patterns of neural activity drive behavior.

Graduate Students

Current or incoming Princeton graduate students interested in rotating should send a CV to Andrew Leifer to schedule a meeting. Dr. Leifer participates in the Physics, Neuroscience and Quantitative and Computational Biology graduate programs, and can explore taking students from other departments on a case-by-case basis.


Princeton undergraduates interested in conducting research in the summer or as part of a Junior or Senior Thesis should send a CV to Andrew Leifer to schedule a visit. Please note: there are many funding opportunities for undergraduates, but they often have deadlines many months in advance, so please get in touch early. For example, our Summer Undergraduate Research Program in Molecular, Quantitative and Computational Biology has a deadline of February 1st.


The lab currently has no posted openings for post-doctoral positions. Nonetheless, it never hurts to contact Andrew Leifer directly at leifer@princeton.edu.