We're looking for talented researchers.

We seek individuals with backgrounds in physics, neuroscience, molecular biology, engineering or computer science who are interested in applying their skills towards investigating how patterns of neural activity drive behavior.

Graduate Students

Prospective grad students should apply to Princeton's PhD programs in either Physics, Neuroscience or Quantitative and Computational Biology. Current or incoming Princeton graduate students interested in rotating should send a CV to Andrew Leifer to schedule a meeting.


Princeton undergraduates interested in summer research or in conducting a Junior or Senior Thesis should send a CV to Andrew Leifer to schedule a meeting. It helps to get in touch early.

Undergraduates from other instituions should consider applying to the MOL/QCB SURP or PNI Summer research programs. Applications are usually due February 1.


We are seeking an extremely motivated postdoctoral researcher with a background in neural systems or circuits investigations. The postdoctoral researcher will leverage the lab's optical neurophysiology toolkit to investigate neural circuit function underlying behavior in the nematode C. elegans. Experimental approaches will include calcium imaging of brain activity, optogenetic manipulation of specific neurons and circuits, behavioral experiments and genetic studies. Possible application domains may include sensorimotor processing, chemosensory guided navigation, mating behavior or learning.

Interested applicants must apply online at https://www.princeton.edu/acad-positions/position/10281.

Post-doc Fellowships

Exceptional postdoctoral candidates interested in working or collaborating with the lab are further encouraged to apply to any of the following prestigious named fellowships. These are awarded competitively at the departmental level and provide additional recognition and benefits. Please also notify Andrew Leifer if you plan to apply.