Shared Code, Data and Reagents


Acquisition and analysis code used in Leifer Lab publications is available at


By default, all of our last-author publications or preprints include direct links to publicly accessible datasets from within the manuscript.

For Nguyen et al., PNAS 2016, processed calcium activity and postural data are included as supplementary data files with the journal article itself. We are also making all raw imaging data publicly available through Amazon S3 using a Requester Pays model. All raw imaging data used in that paper (approximately half a terabyte) is available on the bucket s3://leiferlabnguyen2015 to any user with an Amazon Web Services account. The data is free to transfer to any Amazon EC2 instance. To download the data out of Amazon, the requester will be charged Amazon's data transfer rate of $0.09 USD per GB (as of this posting). See Amazon's page for up-to-date pricing. Note in addition to an AWS account, you will also need a client that supports S3 Requester Pays buckets, such as the free Cyberduck client.

For Nguyen et al., Plos Comp Bio, 2017, all data (processed and raw) is available at IEEE DataPorts, DOI:


All strains used in our senior author publications are publicly available for a small nominal fee from the Caenorhabditis Genetics Center (CGC) at University of Minnesota. See list of all available strains.


All published plasmids generated by the Leifer Lab are publicly available on Addgene.